Friday, March 20, 2009

Finished the animal skirt!

Light blue, teal leopards! This super simple skirt turned out very cute and dd loves it! She is wearing it to school today! We were lucky enough to find a shirt in her dresser that went with it! The flounce at the bottom is cute, she was pretending to do the hula because it would swish around! She got her anklet with flowers on it to wear with the skirt. I am always happy when they like what I have made for them! This skirt has 4 pieces (2 pattern pieces each cut twice) and a piece of elastic. I serged the elastic to the skirt and then flipped it and topstitched it down instead of a casing like the instructions call for.....I think it looks more rtw. I did a rolled hem on the bottom with the serger in blue thread that matched the skirt. I actually did the whole skirt on the serger and then did the topstitching with the coverstitch. I also topstitched the seam of the skirt and flounce, so she didn't have something "itchy" on her legs. This only took an hour to sew up.....I can see making more of these in the future!
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Alviana said...

The skirt is simply cute. DD looks adorable. It's amazing u did the whole skirt using only a serger. Make more in the future :)