Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter is near and some projects...

Well, I haven't got a start on the jeans yet. It looks like no sewing is going to happen before our easter spring break trip. I have great intentions that don't always pan out with 2 dd's! The one thing that I did get done though is to order all the little notions that I needed. At I ordered 100 rivets and 100 jeans tack buttons. At Atlanta Thread I ordered 4 spools of the Levi gold jeans thread. Hopefully this works well on the serger. At zipperstop I ordered a few black jeans zippers. They are 7", so I will have some trimming to do for the pants on the waiting table. Some other things that I ordered were really for projects that my dh has planned for me and his new boat. He wants a longer cover than the boat has to protect the gelcoat from oxidation, so I ordered some sunbrella marine canvas from fabricmaster (50 yard bolt to be exact) and then ordered some of there lycra fabrics for swimsuits and gymnastic suits (to have in stash). I also ordered up some marine vinyl (to match the vinyl in the boat) from because he wants me to make a bag to put the camping bbq in so it doesn't spew black stuff on the new boat carpet. He has so many projects for me....I am not sure when I am going to get in my stuff! And his projects are, simply put, boring! Last year he had me make 10 wheel covers to cover the wheel and tires on his boat trailers and motorhome so the tires don't get sun damaged. I also had to make 2 spare tire covers (that had embroidery on them) for the boat and sea doo trailers. He also wants me to make covers for his tools in the garage. He also wants some sort of cover for the back of the suv that he can attach for when we drive down the rock road to the campsite with the boat, so that the rocks kicked up from the suv don't hit the new boat. (A little paranoia with the new boat......) Does anyone else have their dh want so much? Oh least he sees my sewing obsession as useful to him too. :) On the funner side, I spent last night parusing my past issues of bwof to jot down all of the potential projects. This was actually a really good exersize, because I forget what I wanted to make. Speaking of bwof, how many of you rely of the pictures versus the line drawings. I used to look at the models and decide from there if I wanted to make the item, now I am realizing that the line drawings provide much more insight to the pattern. So many times, it is hard to tell the details of the garment from the models...I also get swayed by their fabric choices. Looking strictly at the line drawings enables me to think of my own fabric choices a little clearer. Something else, I always like to make stuff for my dd's, but the clothes they have in bwof for girls are usually items that I would never make for mine! I was pleased to see some shorts in one of the recent issues. Looking at the line drawings, also let me see the potential in some pants patterns too. Most of the tops are too fussy for my dd's. I made one from 8/2008 and spent a lot of time making it perfect and I loved it, but dd wore it once and declared it to be "itchy". It was 100% cotton weave material. She is a knit lover. I put the top away for the younger dd, hoping that it will get more than 2 wears in its life! Well, I better get some laundry started or we won't be taking clean clothes on our trip! I also have Easter eggs to fill and hide in a luggage with the easter baskets, jelly beans and chocolate bunnies! Happy Easter everyone!!! Eat lots of chocolate!!

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