Wednesday, April 1, 2009

that*darn*kat childrens undies pattern

Well, I found something to sew! Not super exciting, but a needed project none-the-less. I was reading someone's blog and found this pattern and checked it out and decided to try it! So far, I have already cut it wrong.....because I failed to read the instructions....but easily fixable so no big deal! I have the undies for my younger dd started and the ones for my older dd cut out (yes, they are cut wrong too....). I don't have pics yet, but when they are done (tomorrow) I will get some pics. These are super easy, just no sewing time today. Well I was planning on posting the link and when I went to her etsy site, the undies pattern doesn't seem to be there anymore. Hmm...I just got it last week and it was e-mailed in a pdf format. Oh well. Here is the link to the etsy shop anyhow . Here is a picture from the pdf document for the pattern. They look super cute! Mine are going to be much plainer! My scrap bin doesn't have a lot of soft cotton the first couple pairs are just pink (nice siltex interlock though). Stay tuned!
I appreciated the ideas on what to sew next! I really don't hardly wear dresses or skirts anymore (not sure I ever did come to think of it)....I am a pants, capris, shorts type of person. Maybe I need to branch out though.....get out of the comfort zone? is a thought! I am such a t-shirt and pants person!

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brian b. said...

Awsome job!
makes me wish i had girls of my own! Lovely panties!