Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lace Bolero

Here is the finished product! The is McCall's M5144, the bolero. This is a heavy lace with gold sparkle in it. I got this from the evil fabric queen. I just got my box from her yesterday and I was proactive getting everything out and washed! This fabric called out bolero to me. After the kids went to bed, I started. It took me two hours from cutting to finish. Nice quick rewarding project after spending so much time on the jeans! I serged the seams and then topstitched them down on the sewing machine. For the edges I turned under about 1/2" and then just topstitched them down. The advantage of the material is that you can't see any of the topstitching, so it could be crooked and no one will ever know! :) I am just noticing that the picture on the envelope shows 3/4 sleeves and mine ended up full length. I am short. I whopping 5'1". So I always have to shorten things. I like the full length sleeves. I am very happy with this little project! Here is the lace material.

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window dressing said...

That's actually a very good way to sew lace. I have a similar pattern for a bolero and I was looking for a specific project in which to practice sewing lace. I don't want to comit to an entire dress or skirt but never thought bolero. Great idea!