Monday, April 20, 2009

sewing, cutting and losing weight

Well, I made it home from our vacation in palm springs! It was fun in the sun and lots of pool time! Everyone is tan and kind of peeling! Very dry weather out there and we are having a heat spell here right now! Inside the house it is 77F, outside I think it is in the high 80's or low 90's! I just went and checked....95F! Hot! Shorts weather!! Well, since I have been home I have cut out 6 pairs of panties for dd's and 4 nighties for dd's. My jeans accessories arrived while on our trip, so those are all ready for deployment! However, instead of the jeans, I worked on the panties! Those are all done! I worked on the nighties next, and all four of those are done! I think I am procrastinating on the jeans! Could it possibly be because I have seemed to have found another 5 pounds lately? Especially since I haven't shed the 5 I put on at xmas.....not to mention I had 40 to lose anyhow!!! I wish I had one of those super fast metabolisms and hated chocolate! So, today I decided enough is enough and it is time to trim the excess. My goal is 25 for now....once I get there I will set a new goal. I always need that push mentally to get going and after getting on the scale this morning and seeing I had entered a new weight decade (I didn't want to be in the last one....), I decided that I had just gotten the push I needed!


window dressing said...

I understand the weight issue all too well. I have 60 pounds to lose and find every excuse in the book not to start excercising. I think I have to start though because I am entering my 40's this year. I am sure that you could do it. Starting with a goal is always the best way.

judy said...

I just wish it was easier to lose weight! The older we get, the more the weight wants to stay!