Sunday, April 5, 2009

Working on bwof 9-2008-138

I have really wanted to get in on Dawn's jeans sew-along! I really wanted to buy the new jalie stretch jeans pattern. But....I have two very cool pieces of Seven denim in my stash that are not stretch and they really do want to be made up into some jeans. So, I have been pouring over my issues of bwof (I have 9/2008 - current issue) to find a pair of pants that doesn't call for a stretch fabric that would be suitable to make into a pair of jeans. I finally came up with bwof 9-2008-138. Upon first look this is a trouser pattern...but, I studied it enough to feel it could make up in denim, the only thing is I will have to add some back pockets. The yoke of the pants is good sized so the pockets will sit a little lower, which will work just fine in the vision in my mind. I have traced out the pattern. Now I am just debating which denim to cut into.....they are both black, but one has silver thread in it and the other has gold thread in it. I really like the silver better, so I am debating whether or not to use it since this is my first time making this pattern. I will probably make it up in the black with gold.......

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