Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Here are the finished pictures!

Okay.....I wish I had a fabulous body like some of our sewing friends, so I could showcase my creations more pleasingly.....lol! Alas, I am what I am for the time...
This is a picture of the pocket details. Here is a picture of the backside of the pants. Here is a picture of the front of the jeans. Here are riveting details. Which I had some issues practicing putting them in. I kept having the pin punch through the top of the rivet.....then I realized that the top side needs to be down and hammer from the inside of the jeans on the back side of the rivet. I saw the light and then didn't have anymore issues with the rivets. I used an awl to punch a hole through the material, then inserted the pin. I then capped the pin with the top of the rivet, turned the whole thing over so the rivet top side was on the ground (in the garage on the concrete floor), then hammered on the back side of the pin with a rubber mallet. No damage to the rivet front side or back side. I purchased the rivets and buttons from grommetmart.com . I bought a pack of 100 of each. Paid somewhere around $30 with shipping for both.
Here is a picture of the front waistband detail and buttons.
Here is a picture of the fly detail. I just drew it in instead of copying it from the pattern, adding the reinforcement in the desired places.
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window dressing said...

The jeans are looking mighty good. The stitching on the jean pockets and rivets looks very proffessional. I myself am still afraid to try sewing a pair. Some day I'm sure I'll try.

gold said...

Wow you did an fantastic job on those jeans!!One day I am going to get the courage to make some jeans! Great job!