Monday, July 6, 2009

bwof 7-2009-124A

Hot off the presses! I think this is a first time ever that I actually finished something from the month the issue came out in! I am really glad that I cut out the size 42 and didn't make it any bigger. This particular fabric is just very relaxed with a lot of give to it. The black fabric is a bamboo interlock manufactured from Siltex that I got at the yahoo group Fabrics & Notions. It is soooo soft that I love it for that, but I need to remember to down size a little using it. I used a jersey knit for the neck strap and the ties around the waist. The bwof instructions were pretty simple....this is a one dot pattern. I actually didn't hardly follow the instructions, not too much to the top with cute results. I didn't photo the back side because I haven't purchased my strapless bra yet! In this photo my hair covered up the straps! I wish that I could go braless, because this would be the perfect top for that! The whole shape of the top changes when I tried that :) !! I really like this top and it will be a perfect addition to my vacation to hawaii wardrobe! I think that this top took me about 1 1/2 hours to sew up and about 30 minutes to trace and cut out, so we are talking 2 hours start to finish. Those are my kind of projects!
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Tanya said...

Very cute, I really like the contrast belt and straps, I feel you on the bra thing, my days for that are so over. Have a great vacation.

cheryl said...

I am so jealous! This is on my list to make from the July issue, if it ever shows up!
Love how it looks! Good Job!