Saturday, July 4, 2009

Finally got my bwof for july!

I was excited to see in the mail my beloved bwof! They had tricked me the last couple of months to expect it a few days before the end of the month and then this month it didn't show up until the 3rd! I was very pleased with many of their designs......except for the plus sized stuff. Since I fall in a 46 - 48 and am on my way to being smaller (down 14 pounds!!), I was hoping that the designs would extend towards the 46 side on the regular designs. Alas, nope! Most of them seem to end at a 42 this time! Bummer! That means extra work tracing to size up to a size that will wrap around my plump body. Well, my work but not impossible! Here are some of the designs that really caught my eye: I love how simple the shirt is, yet very stylish. I would need to get a strapless or clear strapped bra though! Here is another one I really like, although I think I would shorten it to knee length or maybe calf length: With all of the gathers at the bust, I think it would be easy to add in extra fabric for a fba. I am just too short to wear full length!
This would make a great swimsuit coverup.......
Nice and airy!
This one I like for a little summer dress. Again, I would shorten the dress. I think this one would be cute shortened above the knee for a sassy fun dress.
So, all in all, I do really like this issue of bwof! I also think the shorts have potential, who doesn't need shorts? I liked the bikini, however I am not sure I will ever wear a bikini again. My tummy didn't have the stretchy skin that snapped back into shape like some people! Mine more resembles the skin of an orange! Oh... to be a teenager again! I really do love that this burda issue has real summer clothes, living in san diego - summer is most of the year! The really disappointing thing about their plus size designs was that they were not summery! Can't a plus sized person wear a short sleeve or a pair shorts?? AARRGGHH!!
Okay, I am off for now! Enjoy your burda everyone, I can't wait to see what everyone makes! Me.....I may get to something in the coming week!
Have a happy fourth of july!!! God bless all those who have fought for our freedom!

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