Sunday, July 12, 2009

more jalie 2792..gymnastics anyone?

Here we go again! I don't know if you remember the last time I made a version of these (only a short month ago!)? Anyhow, I stupidly used a fabric with cute sparkly dots for the top bodice portion. Thoses cute dots continue to be a pain in my a$$!! Everytime the girls put on those suits, I hear complaints that the dots are scratchy and itchy, even though I painstakenly cut off all of the dots on the inside of the turned over hem. So, even though I think the others are far cuter, I made new suits for the girls with no scratchy and itchiness to complain about! I made a hair scrunchy to match the suit....I am going to have to make another one. I didn't think it would even stay in my younger dd's hair, but she made me try and it one more of those to make!
I just figured out that this makes ten of these suits in different variations that I have made now! At $40-$50 a pop to purchase one, I have saved $400! I figure it costs me about $3 a suit to make, at most! I have been using material from my stash that I had purchased for swimsuits, so maybe these are almost free! :) Sewer logic!
I do have something more interesting brewing on the back burner. I traced out a pattern from Ottobre 2/ 2009 for a pair of capris. I have a fabric in stash in mind for them, they are a black fabric with cute ladies in beachwear on them. Stay tuned!


BConky said...

I like your sewers logic. Cute leotards.

Tanya said...

Too cute and I agree with your sewer logic, that's the way I do math too.