Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jalie 2805 with a scooped neck

Here is my finished t-shirt! I didn't take a close-up, but I topstitched the neckline and hems with a contrasting black thread. I am pretty happy with how this turned out. I took about 4" off the neckline from the orginal pattern and bound the neckline using my binders. It is nice to have some variety. I use this pattern alot!! I am a t-shirt sort of gal. I downloaded the embroidery from the website embroidery library. I like the designs there and the costs are very reasonable! I need to look through my stash to figure out what is on the agenda. I know we still have many hot days down the road here. It doesn't usually start to get coolness in the air until the end of October or November. So with three more months of hot weather, there is plenty of time to still do summer sewing. I was chilly last night watching my dd's at swim lessons (they end at 8pm), I was thinking that it had to be in the high 60's.....when I got into the car, the thermometer read 75 F and didn't budge. I laughed at myself. It is all relevant to what we are used to!! I hope everyone has a good sewing weekend!
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Tanya said...

Very cute t-shirt and no one will have one like it. Love the embroidery it really makes the top.

window dressing said...

I absolutely love the embroidery on your t-shirt. Love the t-shirt also, it looks great on you.

Have a blast in Hawaii. It sounds like it will be a great vacation.