Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ottobre capris 02-2009-13

Here are the finished capris! I wasn't kidding around with the description! They are a bit on the wild side, but I love this fabric. These are going to Hawaii with me in august! I used Ottobre 02/2009 13 - "Practicality" cropped pants. I like this pattern. I adjusted the length on my pattern paper before cutting. I had to take out 3 inches of length to get them to hit my leg mid-shin. They have front yoke pockets, and are a good pocket length. They have an extra wide faced waistband on them, and belt loops with a zipper fly. The hems at the bottom are turned up at 2" for a nice wide hem look. I made a size 46. This pattern was sized 46 - 52. The fabric is a 100% cotton, more of a shirting weight, but I wanted to have a light pair of breathable capris. I plan on these being roomy, but right now they are more of a snug fit. I am still on my weight loss journey, though and hope soon they will be looser! (I have lost 16 pounds! Yay! intermediate goal is 20 by hawaii....I have 3 weeks to lose 4 pounds). I have an orange sophia knit that is sitting in my stash that is definitely going to be a shirt for these pants. If you ever get a chance to pick up some sophia knits - do it. They are nice and stable with great recovery, a little bit thicker to smooth the insides. My lavendar tank top was a sophia knit.
It is hard to see the buttons (you can click on the picture to get a bigger view), but these are from button drawer (online company). They are a cute molded design in the island motif. Have you ever shopped buttons from button drawer? They have sooo much you will get drawn into their website for hours! Fun though! Whatever you may be looking for, they will a decent cost and fast service!
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Renee said...

The pants look great! I have yet to try Ottobre. I hear (read) lots of great things about it. Congrats on the weight loss!

judy said...

You should try Ottobre. This is my first issue and I really like them. I would venture to say that I like them more than bwof because their style seems to be a little more casual. I am not a dress wearer, more of a t-shirt and pants or shorts gal. So, while I like all the bwof designs, not many are that practical for me. The ottobre instructions are clearer too! I really like their children's magazine too....bwof for kids is not very practical for my rough and tumble girls who only want to wear knits!!