Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Time for a swim!

I decided around lunch time to do a swimsuit today for my older dd. I traced out the pattern (I needed a larger tracing....), cut out the material, and had it sewn up in 1 1/2 hours! How fast can you drive to the store and purchase a suit and drive back home?? This is kwik sew 2884 View B. I made this in a size 7 for my older dd. I got this fabric from the evil fabric queen. It is lovely fabric. I lined the bottoms of the suit (not called for in the directions). I usually line the top front of the suit, but this time I decided not to since this fabric is pretty heavy and dd doesn't have much to show through anyhow. If I were making it for myself, of course it would be lined! I took out an inch on the bottoms through leg to waist area, last time I made these, my dh said they looked too wide in that area.
I lettuce edged the bottom of the top instead of turning and hemming.
I added a little ribbon in the back of the inside top to indicate which way to put the suit on!
I will get a picture of this later today with a model in it! We have swim lessons this evening!
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Dawn said...

So, I do the ribbon or tag thing too but do they look at when they put clothes on?? Noooooooope.

Cute swimsuits.

Tanya said...

Really cute swim suit, I've never made one you make me want to try.