Thursday, July 30, 2009

Work in progress

Here is the embroidery that I chose to go on this Jalie 2805 short sleeve t-shirt. This t-shirt is supposed to go with the wild capris that I made a little while ago. I thought I would continue the island motif onto the shirt. I used a mango colored sophia knit for this t-shirt. This is really a very stable knit to work with. It is a little bit thicker and lays very nicely when worn. This particular fabric is sort of two toned in color. The outside is almost more of a coral color, while the inside has two colors knitted together: an orange and a pink. I like the color alot! I cut the neckline deeper and plan to bind it. The rest of the t-shirt will be standard per jalie 2805. For those of you that embroider.....what do you use to cover up the stitching on the inside so it isn't scratchy? On a non-sewing related topic, I am ready for Hawaii! We have a little more than a week until we leave! I made my Hawaii weight loss goal of 20 pounds today! Yay! My weight goal for while we are gone for two weeks is just to try and maintain that loss!!
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Susan said...

That looks great! A really nice design.

ramcrest said...

Love your shirt. I put fusable knit on the back of emb if it is scratchy. I always ues it on kids clothing. Have a great vacation